Optimizing the Coronary Stent by Designing Vibration Dampeners and a Novel Deployment Method

Authors: Dulati Aideli

Advisor: Dr. Jennifer Claudio

The goal of this project is to improve major aspects of coronary stents in order to mitigate the risk of arterial re-collapse, known as restenosis. These stent failures could cause blockages that result in fatal heart attacks. To improve performance, the deployment of vibration dampeners within the stent in order to promote laminar blood flow has been tested in this project. Utilizing a dampener stent early in cardiac complications could prevent long term side effects that come with standard stents. Results showed the modified stent with dampeners increased the performance by 5%. A 5% increase in the rate of saline is attributable to increased laminar flow, and the improvement in performance supports the initial criteria of increasing laminar flow. Conversely, the simulated artery with a bare stent experienced vibratory disturbances during the trials which caused turbulent flow, or disorder, of the saline.