Piezoelectric Generated Lights Using Walkways

Authors: Joshua La Rosa, Yuwei Tu, Yuhao Chen, Nay Chi Moe Htet

Advisor: Dr. Rose Margaret Itua

At this time, many cities use renewable energy sources such as solar panels to provide more energy to their power grids. While this helps tremendously with energy waste, there is a lot of room for improvement. Our primary goal for our project is designed to support sustainable energy and reuse/renewable energy through the use of piezoelectricity to cities in need of better electrical grids. We were able to recreate a piezoelectric generator by designing the piezoelectric generated lights for walkways using our own circuit design and exterior design. Our design consists of electrical materials such as transducers and resistors to help monitor the light and the energy distributed to the LEDs. As a result, it was very successful, as we were also able to add a fade to our feature to display the aesthetics of our product.