Powered Ankle Foot Orthosis

Authors: Evan Dill, Seth Hutchinson, Miguel Ibarra, Stuart Pike

Advisor: Dr. Winncy Du

Muscle weakness and muscle atrophy can be caused by numerous different factors be it age, accident, or disease. There are very few ways to alleviate these symptoms when they occur. We are developing a device to assist with plantar flexion of the foot during push off phase in the gait cycle. This will have the effect of lowering the metabolic cost of walking, which will augment a healthy person wearing the device, or assist those who have difficulty walking due to weakness. The device consists of electric motors, cables, and 3D printed parts that attach comfortably to the body. Software and sensors then match the motors and cables to the natural gait of the user. The goal of the project is to achieve 20% assistance of the maximum torque exerted on the ankle joint during walking.