Printed Supercapacitors for Medical Devices

Authors: Cesar J. Raygoza, Thuy Tran, Yuyang Jiang, Damian Orozco

Advisors: Michael Santos, Dr. Guna Selvaduray, Dr. Folarin Erogbogbo

The advancements of wearable medical devices has raised the demand for rechargeable and sustainable power sources that are thinner, lighter, flexible and cheaper. Existing battery solutions barely satisfy the demands for increased functionality and power in current wearable medical devices. The feasibility of developing a printed supercapacitor through commercially available products has yet to be established. Our group proposes to design and print supercapacitors through screen printing to determine the feasibility of development for wearable diagnostic devices. We will analyze the electrical performance of the printed supercapacitor through several electrical tests to determine capacitance and voltage output. The physical performance will be determined by varying flexibility loads and measuring electrical performance. Results of physical electrical performance will be compared to the requirements of a flexible medical device. The feasibility study of printed supercapacitor fabrication will give guidance for energy storage technologies for wearable medical devices.