2020 Bay Area Biomedical Device Conference


7:45 AM

Morning Plenary Session

Conference Opening: Guna Selvaduray, Ph.D

8:30 AM 

Welcome: Provost Vincent Del Casino, Ph.D

8:35 AM 

Plenary Speaker I: Auston Davis, Heartflow Inc.

Cyber Security of Medical Devices

8:40 AM 

Morning Break

10:00 AM 

Morning Parallel Sessions

10:30 AM


Session I:

Chair: Folarin Erogbogbo, Ph.D.

Digital Health

Meeting Room 2

Session II: 

Chair: Alessandro Bellofiore, Ph.D.

Automation in Medicine

10:35 AM 

Mark Mercola, Ph.D.,

Cardiovascular Institute and School of Medicine, Stanford University
Re-introducing the Patient Context into Cardiac Drug

11:05 AM 

Andrea Varsavsky, Ph.D.,

Director of Data Science & Analytics, Evidation Health Inc.

Developing Digital Measures from Person-Generated Health Data

11:35 AM 

Speaker: To Be Announced
Presentation Title: To Be Announced


12:05 PM

Afternoon Parallel Sessions

1:30 PM 


Session IV:

Chair: Patrick Jurney, Ph.D.
Innovation & Entrepreneurship

1:35 PM 

2:05 PM 

Session III:

Chair: Melinda Simon, Ph.D.

On the Horizon

Speaker: To Be Announced

Presentation Title: To Be Announced

Meeting Room 2

Afternoon Break

2:35 PM

Afternoon Plenary Session

Industry Panel: Sterilization of Medical Devices


Moderator: Larry Nichols – CEO, Steritek

Panelist: Lisa Foster – Adiuvo (A-do-vo) Consulting

              Byron J. Lambert – Abbott

3:00 PM 

CEO Panel: To Be Announced

Moderator: Kerry Pope – Band of CEOs
Panelist: Adam Mendelsohn
– Nano Precision Medical
              Tracy MacNeal – Materna Medical

              Josh DeFonzo – Aurisrobotics

4:00 PM 

Closing Speaker Sessions

5:00 PM

Networking Reception; Student Poster Session

5:15 PM

End of Conference

6:30 PM

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