Research and Development of New Geometry for Acoustic Hyperlens

Authors: Arthur Paquia, Calvin Saechao

Advisor: Dr. Folarin Erogbogbo

Ultrasound imaging relies on capturing subwavelength data from far field waves (FFW) to generate a digital image but fails to capture data from near field waves (NFW). The acoustic hyperlens can transform NFW, into FFW. NFW only exist within the diffraction limit, but can be propagated further due to the acoustic hyperlens’ anisotropic properties. Existing research has focused on sound wave propagation through radial fins, however, sound wave propagation through different geometries of fins are unknown. Here, we research and develop a new geometry of fins to determine the relationship between fin geometry and sound wave propagation. Using multi-physics simulations, we determined fins perpendicular to the sound source can reflect the direction of sound waves and enhance sound wave propagation returning back to the original sound source. Our research can potentially increase the resolution of ultrasound imaging through reflection and enhancement of sound waves returning to the transducer.