Shannon Clark, P.E.

Shannon Clark is founder and CEO of UserWise, a consultancy that helps medical device manufacturers and start-ups to design safe and easy-to-use medical devices. The consultants at UserWise conduct usability testing for a variety of medical devices ranging from surgical robots to home-use injection platforms. UserWise consultants also perform safety assessments to comply with U.S. and international regulations related to Human Factors.

Before UserWise, Shannon was a Human Factors Engineer at Intuitive Surgical, where she worked on da Vinci surgical systems, instruments, and accessories including the da Vinci Xi System.

In 2012, Shannon completed Abbott Laboratories’ Professional Development Program, working in various supervisory, R&D, Quality and Regulatory functions in divisions including Abbott Vascular, Abbott Diagnostics, Abbott Diabetes Care, and Abbott Medical Optics.

Shannon graduated in 2010 from UCLA with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and a technical breadth in Technology Management. In addition, Shannon is a Certified Processional Industrial Engineer, holds two patents, and has written and published three books.

Check out Clark's presentation abstract here.