Automating the process of defect detection in the surface mount technology (SMT) line of manufacturing PCB’s significantly reduces the production of defective PCB’s that impact the functionality of the implantable medical devices or other electronic devices. Till date, very little research has been done to implement SECS/GEM protocol in the semiconductor manufacturing industry. The purpose of this project is to establish a SECS/GEM communication protocol to the Fuji NXT Pick & Place while extruding data via Cimetrix HostConnect software package. With the aid of this protocol, the project aims to establish a two-way communication between the host and the equipment machines which in the presence of a defective parameter fails to meet the manufacturing standards specified by SECS/GEM. The data obtained from this two-way communication would then transferred to a repository database known as HostConnect that would create log files of the defect and would guide the operators in the SMT line to combat the error in the manufacturing process.

Smart Manufacturing- Integration of SMT line with SECS/GEM Protocol

Advisor: Dr. Freidoon Barez 

Author: Kriti Srivastava