Smart Spirometer

Authors: Brandon Russell, Joshua Paine

Advisor: Dr. Farid Farahmand

Approximately, 12 Medicare patients suffering from pneumonia are readmitted every hour across the U.S. High rates of readmission jeopardize patient’s health and increase the treatment costs. Thus, hospitals constantly seek more effective approaches to prevent respiratory conditions.
The OBJECTIVE of this project is to automate the lung volume measurement process by designing a low-cost detachable sensing system (DSS) for disposable incentive spirometers. The DSS can digitally record and display patient’s breathing exercise results. The long-term recorded data can be used to determine lung capacity and volume and diagnose patient’s lung function and chronic lung diseases.
In this presentation we demonstrate the results of our prototype. We believe that our proposed low-cost DSS for disposable incentive spirometer can make a significant impact in monitoring patients with potential respiratory problems.