Christina Salvatier

Christina M. Salvatier is the CFO of the Valley Medical Center Foundation (VMC Foundation) and a recent graduate of SJSU's Master's of Public Administration program, named MPA Outstanding Student of the Year. While studying at SJSU, she learned the critical role transportation plays in improving the mobility of people and goods, and now she is witnessing first-hand the role it plays in helping to save lives. The VMC Foundation has been at the front-lines assisting the County of Santa Clara in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. In her role, Christina is tasked with tracking financial contributions and donated personal protective equipment (PPE), creating inventory systems, and overseeing funding to continue supporting the County's COVID-19 response efforts.

Abstract: Non-Profit Assistance with Coronavirus Response

The VMC Foundation’s mission is to support the County of Santa Clara Health System, which serves anyone regardless of ability to pay. The VMC Foundation has become an essential part of assisting the County’s response to the coronavirus. In its efforts, the VMC Foundation began accepting personal protective equipment donations, temporarily transitioning their office from a nonprofit to what seems like a distribution center and warehouse. Managing a large inventory is not a fundamental part of what the VMC Foundation does. Figuring out how to receive protective equipment donations while also managing supply chain challenges was a new challenge that was addressed creatively and quickly.