Patrick Jurney, Ph.D.

Patrick Jurney earned his PhD from The University of Texas at Austin in 2015 from the Department of Mechanical Engineering. His dissertation titled Nanoparticle Margination, Adhesion, and Uptake in Microflow examined the forces imparted on nanoparticles and endothelial cells in geometrically restricted fluidic environments. After traveling throughout South America and working with local nonprofits to improve public health, Dr. Jurney returned to the US and completed a postdoc at Oregon Health & Science University. Dr Jurney credits the access to physicians and patients at OHSU for inspiring a focus on translational biomedical research. Dr. Jurney joined the faculty at SJSU in 2019 and his lab works to understand the biological interfaces between blood, cells, and biomaterials through microfluidics. 

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