Tejal Desai, Ph.D.

Prof. Desai directs the Therapeutic Microtechnology and Nanotechnology Laboratory at UC San Francisco and serves as Chair of the Department of Bioengineering and Therapeutic Sciences. Her research focuses on micro and nanofabrication techniques to create new devices for drug and cell delivery as well as biomaterials for cell and tissue regeneration, with a focus on understanding the role of micro and nanostructured interfaces on cell function and tissue regeneration. She has authored over 180 peer reviewed articles. For the past several years, she has been developing novel pharmacologic deliver approaches that could translate to clinical application. Her areas of interest include devices for enhancing cellular adhesion and drug transport, injectable and flexible nanoporous devices for pro-healing implants and in vivo modulation of fibrosis, and cell-based delivery platforms for autoimmune disease applications. Her work developing innovative drug delivery devices has garnered several academic and industry awards. She has been extensively involved in graduate program leadership at UCSF and has mentored many post-doctorate and Ph.D. students who have gone on to successful academic and industry positions. Prof. Desai was recently elected to the National Academy of Medicine.

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