Wearable Electrocardiogram

Authors: Sebastien Dervieux

Advisor: Dr. Alessandro Bellofiore

The purpose of this Senior Design Project is to create a device that safely transmits ECG signals to be analyzed for signs of arrhythmia. In this experiment, we will show that a low-power, low-cost, three lead system can accurately monitor the cardiac cycle and lead to an enhanced diagnosis of Cardiovascular Disease (CVD). To provide patients with a reliable ECG monitor, the prototype is based on an Arduino Pro Mini 328 micro-controller unit (MCU) and will have a continuous signal recorded via 3 channels. The use of an AD8232 breakout as an operational amplifier will help eliminate noise and produce a clear signal. The future considerations of this project extend to incorporating blood pressure monitoring with the wearable electrocardiogram. With the implementation of this medical device in clinics across the United States, the rate of CVD among youth will decline and the practice of continuously monitoring cardiac rhythms will become a regularity.