Guna Selvaduray, Ph.D.
Faculty Advisor, Biomedical Engineering Society
San Jose State University

It is truly a pleasure to welcome you to the Bay Area Biomedical Device Conference, 2021. Thanks to the enthusiastic support of the medical device professionals and companies in the Greater San Jose Area, we have been able to convene five very successful conferences. When we started out in 2010 we were quite uncertain about the future, but embarked on it in the firm belief that such a conference will be beneficial to our industrial and academic communities. The response and the support we have been fortunate enough to receive has convinced us that this is the right thing to do, and that San Jose State University is the right place to do it.


The primary objective for this Conference is to invite outstanding biomedical device professionals, entrepreneurs, innovators, experts, students and faculty, so that direct interaction among them can occur. As we continue building the community of biomedical device professionals in the Bay Area, I have no doubt that we will stimulate and support each other at all times. The Industry Advisory Committee thought through the program for 2019 very carefully, with an eye towards building on excellence. The feedback provided by all conference participants was very important in determining the topics for the speakers and the detailed scheduling of the different components of the conference. For now we have decided that a one day conference is probably most appropriate, and that a reasonable mix of speakers, covering cutting edge technologies as well as the non-technological aspects of successful biomedical device development and marketing, is necessary.

A large number of individuals and companies have provided their support in the preparations for the 2021 Conference. I sincerely thank our Industry Advisory Committee members, and the Conference Sponsors.

The students of the SJSU Biomedical Engineering Society have worked tirelessly on the preparations. They have come together as a team, in an exemplary manner, and have taken on duties that are well beyond them, learning how to get things done in a timely fashion, and to the highest possible standards. These students will be your future employees and colleagues and I have no doubt that you will find it a pleasure to work with them.

We thank you for your participation in the 2021 Conference, for continuing to build a community that will sustain the Bay Area well into the 21st Century, and for sharing a day during which we will learn from each other while also getting to know each other better.



Guna Selvaduray, Ph.D.
Biomedical Engineering Coordinator
Faculty Advisor, BMES @ SJSU