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The Biomedical Engineering Society at San Jose State University is pleased to announce the convening of the 2021 Bay Area Biomedical Device Conference. 

The Bay Area Biomedical Device Conference is organized and ran by the student volunteers of BMES at San Jose State University, with the guidance of Dr. Guna Selvaduray and Dr. Matthew Leineweber, and the conference industry advisory committee.

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About the Conference

The Bay Area Biomedical Device Conference is a forum for exposure to the latest advances in medical device technologies and regulations. As an attendee, you will hear presentations from some of the nation's outstanding leaders in medical device technologies, as well as meet and interact with passionate young individuals from San José State University and many other universities. The event is intended for individuals interested in broadening their knowledge of the current medical device market: medical device professionals, engineers, managers, executives, marketing professionals, and students. Topics range from biomaterials and manufacturing to regulations and marketing.


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