Andrea Varsavsky, Ph.D.

Director of Data Science & Analytics, Evidation Health Inc.

"Developing Digital Measures from Person-Generated Health Data"

Auston Davis

VP and Chief Information Security Officer, HeartFlow, Inc.

"Who is Responsible for Biomedical Device Security?"

Mark Mercola, Ph.D.

Professor, Stanford Cardiovascular Institute and the Department of Medicine, Stanford University

"Re-introducing the Patient Context into Cardiac Drug Discovery using iPSC Disease Models

Matt Roybal

Senior Director Sterility Assurance, Johnson & Johnson Microbiological Quality & Sterility Assurance – Global Surgery

"End to End Sterility Assurance"


Adam Mendelsohn, Ph.D.

CEO, Nano Precision

Byron J. Lambert, Ph.D.

Sr. Associate Research Fellow, Sterilization Science

Larry Nichols

CEO of Steri-Tek

Kerry Pope

Co-Founder & Director, Band of CEOs

Lisa Foster

Owner, Adiuvo Consulting

Tracy MacNeal

CEO, Materna Medical

Josh DeFonza

Chief Operating Officer, Auris Health

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