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Steri-Tek is ISO 11137 and ISO 13485 certified, FDA registered, and DEA licensed, and is a State of California Medical Device and Drug Manufacturing licensed facility.


Specializing in sensitive products, Steri-Tek is the only E-beam contract sterilizer that has developed a proprietary system for radiation-sensitive materials such as drugs/biologics, combination devices, pre-filled syringes, bioabsorbables, implantables, and other complex products.

Platinum Sponsors


Jabil, Inc. is a manufacturing services company that designs and produces equipment for a variety of different companies. They market their products in a variety of industries, including aerospace, automotive, healthcare, networking, packaging, and many more. The Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) and Diversified Manufacturing Services (DMS) are two of their operating segments. The company internationally serves countries through providing integrated design and engineering, systems assembly, injection molding, and a variety of other services. Jabil delivers a wide range of innovative products worldwide.

Boston Scientific

Boston Scientific is an international medical device design and manufacturing company. Their products help treat and diagnose millions of patients worldwide with health issues including heart, pulmonary, digestive, and vascular issues. They have produced over 60 innovative medical tools since their establishment in 1979, and continue to manufacture equipment including their well-known catheters.

Nutek Bravo

Operating from the East Bay, Nutek Bravo exists to make medical devices, laboratory supplies, and pharmaceuticals safe for end users with E-beam irradiation that neutralize whatever is living on said products. We do this by working for and with the manufacturers of these products, integrating our processes with theirs, and forming a continuous chain of quality that is both traceable and transparent. With these objectives in mind, Nutek Bravo has developed and deployed its own custom software to assist our employees and clients alike; we want to keep simple tasks simple and make complicated tasks manageable for all involved.

This business has a lot of moving parts but Nutek Bravo tries to make this industry of contract sterilization approachable, accessible, and attractive to new manufacturers, allowing for smaller players in the market to obtain high quality sterilization services, not just the big guys.

Gold Sponsors

Pulse Systems

Pulse Systems provides medical device companies with precision laser machining of tubular metal components and related services, such as CNC machining, laser welding, and Nitinol processing. The company specializes in rapid turnaround of prototypes, and can support full production volumes through its ISO 13485-certified operations.

Silver Sponsors

APOMed Consultants

APOMed Consultants is a worldwide leader in providing services and knowledge for the Medical Device, Pharmaceutical and Healthcare industries.


Zeus assists with process development, design challenges, materials guidance, prototype development, and quality support.


KGI employs entrepreneurial and industry connections providing pathways for students in bioscience and healthcare.

Biomedical Manufacturing Network

Biomedical Manufacturing Network provides a network that assists businesses in technological transfer, education and more.


Tanaka Holding Co., Ltd. provides administration to the Tanaka Precious metal group that specializes in precious metals.

Preclinical Consultation

Preclinical Consultation provides insight and guidance to start-up and mid-size 

companies in their development plans.

University of the Pacific

University of the Pacific’s School of Engineering and Computer Science is committed to making the world a better, more sustainable environment.

SJSU Research Foundation

The team guides researchers in project planning, sourcing funds, developing proposals, and managing business details.


Dotin dedicates its resources to the art of decisions made by the subconscious mind to yield powerful business outcomes. 

CrossPond Law

We protect your global intellectual property by working directly with the US and European Patent Offices.


The lead society for biomedical engineering with a mission to promote and enhance knowledge and education of its field.

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